About Us

When you think of tree services, we want you to think of one word. Ride. That’s right, Ride Axle Tree Services is here to provide you with the best in service.

Feel free to browse our website to find out all of the important information regarding our services. Whether it is a removal, a stump grinding, or even a simple branch cutting, we’ve got what it takes to take care of you. If you have any questions about our services or about our website, please check out our contact page so you can see how to reach us.

Our Story

We want to get to know you and form a relationship with you. Let’s partner together to take down the trees on your property!

Below, we’ve included some information about how we got started with doing the tree service business. In doing this, we hope you understand a little bit more about our philosophy and values as a company. Keep reading for all of the details!


While we didn’t start with cutting down trees, we’ve been working with wood for a long time. At the beginning, we were designing and making furniture. Specifically, we were making novelty chairs out of recycled wood. In doing this, we developed a deep love for making things out of wood. We also got to know how tree health affects the quality of the wood. As our business expanded, we started to cut down some dead trees in order to make more furniture. We did such a good job with the cutting jobs that people started to hire us for tree services. Now our company has two departments! We’re so happy to be doing what we love.